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Job Search Commitment

You may have heard the saying, “When you don’t have a job, your job is to find a job.” The idea is that you should focus on your job search and not be distracted with all the other chores that could steal time from your search. And that’s good advice, but is it possible?

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Resume Building

God has been weaving your résumé, and building your skill set with every job you’ve held. Even now, in your job search, He is doing the same thing. He is building your skills to enable you to make a unique contribution to His adventure.

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Job Searching Focus

You may have said or thought, “There’s my neighbor.  He was out of work only two weeks before he got a new job…I’ve been out for months, and still haven’t found one!  And he doesn’t give a thought to the things of God, while I am trying to live as God desires. Just doesn’t seem right!” How should you change your focus?

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Escape the Rat Race

Do you ever get the feeling (even in a job search) that you are caught in the western culture rat-race, stuck on the proverbial merry-go-round? You work five days a week, collapse in front of the tube most evenings, spend the weekend working around the house, shopping, occasional recreation, and worship at church on Sundays.

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Unemployed and Afraid

There are times in your life as in mine when we feel at the end of our resources. Things are out of control, life is full of confusion, the emotional pain (or physical) is overwhelming. Maybe this is your life while you are unemployed and afraid as you engage in a job search.

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Job Hunting

Do you sometimes feel like you are different from everyone you know?  Do you sometimes think you are completely out of step with those around you?  Does it seem like you are viewing the world from a totally different perspective? That’s not bad, make your job search unique to you and stand out in a crowd.

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