Job Search Plans

A successful job search requires good planning…a good plan utilizes good advisors…good advisors require a special type of person. Are you using the right kind of advisor who can help you the best?

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Your Next Employer

Christmas has just passed, and as you unwrapped your gift on Christmas morning, not only was it exactly what you had asked for, but it’s even more than you expected…are you that type of gift to your new employer?

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Writing Your Resume

God has given you skills and abilities, talents and gifts, experiences and development opportunities to enhance the abilities He built into you. When you look at your accomplishments, you are looking at your résumé

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Job Search Control

God calls us to yield more and more to His control. He calls us to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. As you do, you will gain more and more control of your job search as you yield to His control…

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