Create Great Resume

You’ve heard it all your life, your parents would tell you it’s not a good idea to brag or boast about things you’ve done.  Others don’t like to hear it, because it sounds too much like pride. That was good advice when you were a kid. But does it hold true when you’re creating your résumé? To brag or not to brag?

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Job Search Commitment

You may have heard the saying, “When you don’t have a job, your job is to find a job.” The idea is that you should focus on your job search and not be distracted with all the other chores that could steal time from your search. And that’s good advice, but is it possible?

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Resume Building

God has been weaving your résumé, and building your skill set with every job you’ve held. Even now, in your job search, He is doing the same thing. He is building your skills to enable you to make a unique contribution to His adventure.

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Job Searching Focus

You may have said or thought, “There’s my neighbor.  He was out of work only two weeks before he got a new job…I’ve been out for months, and still haven’t found one!  And he doesn’t give a thought to the things of God, while I am trying to live as God desires. Just doesn’t seem right!” How should you change your focus?

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