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How to Create a Résumé That’s An Attention Grabber

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  Psalms 19:1

Resume-JobSearchngCoachIs your résumé an attention grabber?

God’s is.

Max Lucado says in The Great House of God that the sky is God’s résumé. On a crystal clear night, you can look up and be mesmerized by what you see.

As His résumé, what does the starry night sky do:

  • It provides answers:
    • It tells us He created a vast array of different stars.
    • It tells us God delights in beauty.
  • It raises questions:
    • How did He create these celestial entities?
    • What are they made of?
    • Are there other inhabited bodies like the earth?
  • It provides insight to the subject: It tells of God’s power, creativity, imagination, perspective.

Does your résumé do that?

Does your résumé provide answers, raise questions, and give insight into you? How can you do this?

Your résumé can provide:

  • AchievementsForResume-JobSearching CoachInsight into your abilities through your accomplishments
  • Insight into you as a person through your summary statement
  • Insight into your history from your work chronology
  • Insight into your background from your education, honors and awards, professional memberships

Weave all these together and you have your story, which is His story told through you.

Does your résumé do all of that? Is your résumé your STAR story? It can be. For more information to discover how God has woven together your résumé, and then how to capture that on paper, refer to The Christian Job Search Manual; 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Hunting Adventure.

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Dear God of the Universe…You see me as one of your creative marvels. Help me to catch a glimpse of what You see in me.

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