Escape the Rat Race

How to Escape the Rat Race Even in Your Job Search

What shall we do, that we may
work the works of God?”
John 6:28


Do you ever get the feeling (even in a job search) that you are caught in the western culture rat-race, stuck on the proverbial merry-go-round? You work five days a week, collapse in front of the tube most evenings, spend the weekend working around the house, shopping, occasional recreation, and worship at church on Sundays.

It’s all pretty mundane and goes on week after week after week without let up. The only break you get is if you’re lucky enough to get a two week vacation.

None of this sounds very divine, inspired, or adventure-like. It’s just contemporary life in a western culture. Even your job search has much of the same routineness. Work, or in your case a job search, can be divine because God is living in you and life is so much more than what it appears.

But wait just a minute! What is required to be divine, inspired, and adventure-like? Does one have to wear a backwards collar 24/7? Do you have to awaken with heavenly chimes ringing in your head? A resounding NO!

All of those may add to the feeling that life is divine, but it is only that, a feeling. Your life in Christ is not based on feelings, but on faith.

Your life is a work of God, even in a job search. The Spirit of God lives within you which makes you a divine creature.  All you do has the potential to be the very work of God.

Christ answered the question in the Jn. 6:28 in verse 29 when He said:

This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”

That’s it; belief!

Joseph spent about 13 years as a household slave and in prison (Genesis 39-44).  You can bet there was a great deal of repetition, ho-hum, routine activity for him too.  None of it would have been seen as divine, inspired, or adventure-like, either. Except that God was at work. Joseph was faithful. Joseph believed, and “the Lord granted him success.” Don’t miss that.

BoringJobSearch-JobSearchingCoachThere’s your indication of the divine, inspired, adventure. God was at work in the repetitive, ho-hum, routine, and He was using all of this to equip Joseph for later work.

You can count on the fact that God is at work in your repetitive, ho-hum, routine job search also as He transforms it into the divine, inspired, adventure, preparing you for later work.

You are just called to be faithful.  That’s your focus.

Father of Adventure, I got lost in the repetitious, routine day-to-day life.  Keep my focus sharply on You and being faithful.

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