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How Can You Best Prepare For a Job Interview?

“He remembered that they were but flesh, a passing breeze that does not return.” Ps. 78:39

JobInterview-JobSearchingCoach Here’s a NEWS FLASH: You are only human. Even with the resident power of the Holy Spirit, you are still only human. Even as a chosen child of God, you are only human. Even with access to the very God that spoke the universe into being, you are only human.

As a human you make mistakes, you sin, you make bad choices. Of course at times you also do wondrous things, you do generous things, you rejoice in God, you make excellent choices. Being human is a mixed bag, so accept your limitations.

The Job Interviewer

Here’s another NEWS FLASH: Interviewers are only human also. When they interview you and look at your résumé like they’ve never seen it, it’s possible they haven’t. When it seems they are stumbling their way blindly through the interview as if they weren’t prepared, it may just be that other situations stole their preparation time. When they seem to only ask negative questions, it may be because a history of those types of problems bit them in the tush and they are trying to avoid having the same problems.

As humans, interviewers make mistake, they sin, they make bad choices. They ask questions and at times even hire people that don’t work out. Of course at other times they have great dialog with candidates, connect in meaningful ways with applicants, and hire the next star at their company. Being human is a mixed bag, so accept their limitations also.

Preparing to meet the interviewer…

Here are some ways to help you focus on the interviewer in your preparation and discussion:

  • Pray – When you pray that you’ll do well in the interview, pray also for the interviewer to clearly see whether you are a good it or not.
  • Listen – As you listen for when to share how you can contribute, listen also for problems, needs, pain that you could address.
  • JobInterviewer-JobSearchingCoachBody language – Be aware of how your body language expresses your interest, and be aware of what the body language of the interviewer is saying. If not obvious, you may have to ask a subtle question to find out.
  • Draw them out – As you look for ways to speak of your values, passion, and other attributes, also look for ways to put the interviewer at ease and enable them to feel the freedom to speak to issues they may be facing on the job that aren’t easy to speak to.

You see, you are both human, while the divine power of God enables you to truly practice Holy Spirit characteristics and attributes. You can be the high point of the interviewer’s day. You have it! You can do it! Just use it!

Head of the Body, I am truly human but with Your power. Help me be Your voice and hands to reach out to my interviewers.

If you would like to explore working with a career coach, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and we can discuss your situation and what you would like to achieve.

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