Job Potential

What is Your Job Potential? How Employable Are You?

“When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon,
‘Put out into deep water,
and let down the nets for a catch.’ “
Lk. 5:4

JobPotential-JobSearchingCoachWhat are you qualified for in the job market? Does it seem like you have no job potential, no employable skills? Then you need to consider this…

Fisherman.  They were only fishermen!  And you’re telling me this is the best Christ could do when selecting a handful of individuals that would change the world?  Come on, really?

Yes, He really did choose a ragtag band of men, and He did it intentionally.  If He had chosen the best and the brightest, then those of us that are average would have the excuse that we just don’t measure up to that level of ability.  If He had chosen wealthy and popular, us average folks would not feel any sense of inclusion.

So He chose what many would call a band of losers.  Think about it.  He chose:

  • Peter, a foul-mouthed fisherman
  • Andrew, a great unknown, not much said
  • James and John, you can guess why they were referred to as the sons of thunder
  • Matthew, a tax collector which society at that time considered thieves
  • Thomas, known forever as a doubter
  • Phillip, a negative thinker, seems to accept Christ for who He claimed to be
  • James, may be referred to as “James the less”—now that’s a heritage
  • Simon, nowhere else mentioned, big zero, but known as a Zealot or rebel

Unseen Skills

UnseenSkills-JobSearchingCoachWhen you think about it, this was not a group anyone would consider equipped, capable, or able to accomplish much, let alone change society and the world.  And that’s where Christ steps in to show that someone with little to offer, infused with His power, and driven by His vision, can do mighty things.

When they let down those nets, the result was more than they could have ever guessed. When we let down our nets, the results will be the same.

Who would employ you?

Next time you look at your own performance and admit you’re not a corporate star, you’re only average, and you ask, “Who will want to hire me?” or “How could Christ possibly use me in a meaningful way?”  Think about the Twelve.  Think about how Christ used them to reach others.  Think about how Christ used them to start all the churches around your town, around your country, around the world.  Think about the millions of believers that have sprouted from those first twelve humble seeds.

God will use you.  God has gifted you.  God will open a door for your next employment.  God is working on your behalf.  Believe it!

Father of vision, I ask you to take the little I have to offer and use it far out of proportion to my innate capabilities to further your kingdom.

If you are interested in working with a Job Searching Coach, Contact me, I would love to join you in your adventure!

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