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Who’s Working Behind the Scenes of Your Job Search Plan?

Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the guards stand watch in vain.”
Ps. 127:1

JobSearchPlan-JobSearchingCoachThere are so many things that go into building a house that, unless you are in the construction trade, it’s difficult to capture them all.  Think of it, there’s:

  • framing
  • electrical
  • sewage
  • plumbing
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • load bearing, etc.

And all of these have to be thoughtfully considered and drawn out by an architect before building ever begins.

Who is your builder?

Aren’t you glad that the Lord is the builder of your house?  Aren’t you thankful that He drew up the blueprints before you were even born?  This doesn’t mean that your life is all scripted out, however.  You still have free will and you can exercise it to move the fireplace, take down a wall, redesign a patio—but God saw those changes coming, and He’s woven those into His plan.

It’s not like He says, “Wow!  Didn’t see that one coming!”  This is God, after all, and He knows you, He knows me, He knows all of us, and what we will do.  A thousand years is a day, and a day is a thousand years to God. So your choices don’t surprise Him.

Who is the architect of your job search?

This same concept applies to your job search. You aren’t in it alone. God is not only with you, He is preparing the next place for you to be employed. He is working away behind the scenes to bring circumstances, needs, personnel, and all of the other factors together for you to move forward.

JobSearchArchitect-JobSearchingCoachA perfect example of this is provided for us in Joseph’s life as found in Genesis 41.

Joseph had been in prison for about 10 years, and he really wanted out, but the person he was counting on to put in a good word for him, the cupbearer to the king, had forgotten about him. The cupbearer may have forgotten, but God hadn’t. What Joseph couldn’t possibly have known was that God was bringing all the factors together.  Pharaoh would have a troubling dream. His cabinet and advisors would prove inadequate. Pharaoh would sense the importance of his dream. A great famine was looming on the horizon.  And finally, the cupbearer remembers Joseph.

What some might call coincidental, I see as God using circumstances to write the chapter in the story of Joseph’s prison release.

Just as He was with Joseph, so God is at work behind the scenes on your behalf also. Your day is coming; the day the prison door of your unemployment will swing wide, and you will walk through.

Hang on.



God is at work and He’s not finished yet.

Dear Author of my story, it’s tough wading through the details of daily life without seeing the big picture.  Help me grasp that the story you have written will be good and will not be sidetracked.

If you are interested in working with a Job Searching Coach, Contact me, I would love to join you in your adventure!

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