New Job Preparation

How to Prepare for Your New Job Using God’s Vision

“He said to them,
‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ “
Matt. 4:19 (English Standard Version)

NewJobPreparation-JobSearchingCoachWhat’s your vision for your next job?

Right now you are engaged in a job search, but that won’t always be the case. God is going to open a door and you are going to move into a new position. When that happens, what’s your vision for what you will be doing in that new job? I don’t mean your job responsibilities, the skills you will be using, or the objectives of the position. I mean how do you see God using you in that new position; now, what’s your vision?

A new perspective on a new job…

Christ wants you to look at your job from a new perspective, from His perspective. There are numerous examples in the scriptures of how Christ took a person and gave them an entirely new perspective on how He wanted to use them; gave them a new vision.

  • Mark 1:17; Peter had been a fisherman for many years. He had the skills, the techniques, and what worked down pat. However, as a follower of Christ, he was given a new vision, to be a fisher of men. He would use those same abilities God had given him and apply them to the spiritual realm.
  • Acts 9; Saul was a fervent persecutor of the Christian sect. He was good at it. He had the skills to do it. He found purpose in doing that. Yet, on that road to Damascus he had an encounter with the Lord that instilled a new vision. He would use the same skills, enthusiasm, and aggressiveness, but with a new purpose. He had a new vision.
  • I Samuel 3; Samuel got the vision for God’s leading when no one else seemed able to do so.
  • Luke 1; Even though he was an old man, Zechariah got the vision he would have a son that would have a significant ministry.

A vision of service…

NewJobVision-JobSearchingCoachJust as God did in the lives of the biblical personalities; He wants to do for you. He wants to give you a new vision for how He can use you in His grand adventure. He wants you to catch a new glimpse of who He is and how He might use you to touch others with His love.

God’s adventure story didn’t just take place in biblical times. It’s happening today and He’s writing a new chapter for you. Catch the vision!

Master Visionary, open my eyes to see You at work. Don’t let me be myopic as Moses was, but look to the future with anticipation.


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