Norm O’Banyon

Norm O’Banyon

Book-CarribeanTreasuresCaribbean Treasures

Welcome Aboard! Come along with us as we enjoy a ten-day vacation cruise through the British Virgin Islands! We will sharpen our sailing skills, explore gracious cruising sites, and rediscover some of those life lessons that brighten any relationship.


Book-NoLongerGuiltyNo Longer Guilty; A Story of Salvation

Follow the path of a little girl who goes from innocence to confusion, to resentment, and finally finds her way to spiritual fulfillment, as she is shifted through the foster home program of Family Services.



Book-PassagetoPeacePassage to Peace; A Journey to Forgiveness

Come along on an impromptu odyssey as the crew of Dreamer, a 41′ sailboat, experience the profound discovery of forgiveness and inner healing in the ports of call of the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands.



Book-CorruptionThe Corruption of Father Mike

The U.S. Army trained him to be a combatant, and the seminary trained him to be a priest. Sooner or later the two would be in conflict.

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