Personal Change Through Unemployment

How Can You Make Personal Change Though Unemployment?

“And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory,
are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory,
which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”
II Cor. 3:18

TimeforChange-JobSearchingCoachChange is a constant in our lives, and we are changing right along with all the changes around us. One book I read compared all of recorded time to the face of a clock. They asserted that there have been more changes in the way we live that have occurred in the last two minutes on that clock than in all previously recorded history.

People change too. Watch children between the ages of birth to three years and you will see dramatic changes. And you keep changing, although not as drastically, the rest of your life.

God is a God of change. He wants you to change. He wants you to grow more to be like His Son. He wants you to see more of how He works in your day-to-day activities. He wants you to see how He works even through unemployment.

What kind of change may God be working to bring about in your period of unemployment?

Change can take many forms as:

  • RefineCharacter-JobSearchingCoachCutting, called purifying in John 15, to remove dead, or useless, or unwanted stuff
  • Pruning, also in John 15, to shape us more into the image of Christ
  • Refining, as the process with gold, described in I Peter to melt away the impurities in our lives
  • Purify in the fire as silver, found in Malachi 3:3-4 to bring a more precise reflection of God’s image
  • Infusing with power, as in II Tim. 1:7, to enable us to do even more than we can ask or think
  • Inspiring knowledge of all truth, as in John. 16, to enable us to live lives worthy of the Name
  • Conforming us to the image of His Son, as in II Cor. 5:20 that we might be His ambassadors

A Chance for Change

Yes, God is a God of change, and He is using your time of job searching to mold your character and form your spirit to be more like His Son. Bask in the attention! Your job search period is a passing phase, the character change will remain.

Caring Giver, thank you for the attention you are giving me during my job search to fashion me to be more Christ-like.

If you are interested in working with a Job Searching Coach, Contact me, I would love to join you in your adventure!




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