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Understanding Job Search

You are a unique individual. Your work history is as unique as you are. It follows that your job search should reflect your uniqueness as well. While aspects of your search will be similar to that of others, other aspects will be yours alone.

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Job Search Obstacle

How proud are you? We are proud individualists and insist on doing things for ourselves. We don’t want to depend on anyone for anything if we can help it. But do you recognize when and who you should be putting your trust in?

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Circumstances vs Job Search

Does it feel like life just keeps throwing up roadblocks that get in the way of a successful job search? Do your life’s circumstances seem to keep you down and hold you back from searching for that perfect job or career? Or are you allowing them to to do so?

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Job Loss Pain

Pain is a constant in the human condition. Oh, you may go days and sometimes even weeks without pain, but then it raises its formidable head again, and you are in some type of pain once again…

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