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A New Way to View Your Career Search

“A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink
and find satisfaction in their own toil.”
– Eccl. 2:24

DislikeMundaneJob-JobSearchingCoachAre you fully engaging in your job search because you’re afraid you’ll end up back in the same old rut? Had your career become boring, mundane? Did you not look forward to Monday morning and work?

If so, it could be because of at least three possibilities.

  • First, maybe your lack of enthusiasm is because you lost interest in your job.
    • You may be at the top of your pay scale and there’s nowhere to go.
    • You may have become an expert so there’s very little you don’t know how to do, there are very few challenges left to overcome.

If this is you, God wants you to see your job in a whole different light. He wants you to see your job as an adventure where He can use you to touch others. You can do this by looking for opportunities to mentor others and pass along job skills and spiritual truths. I know, you’re saying you’ll get into trouble. Of course, you don’t do this where it’s not welcome. But you may be surprised how many will ask for this kind of mentoring also.

Serving Others

  • Second, you can comfort the hurting people you work with. People confronting problems, pain, emptiness are all around us. They just hide these feelings well. It comes to light from time to time when someone does something that at first looks so uncharacteristic of them. When investigators start digging, however, they find indications of a troubled life, a deeply confused mind, broken relationships.

God might use you to touch a troubled soul before it gets to the combustion point. You may bring hope, encouragement, caring to someone in need.

TrappedInWrongCareer-JobSearchigCoachDiscovering Where You Belong

  • A Third possibility for why you feel trapped may be because you are in the wrong type of work, not just the wrong job, but the wrong vocation.

When your work does not draw on your primary strengths, skills, and abilities, it is less likely you will feel fulfilled. When your work constantly draws on lesser strengths (or even weaknesses), skills, and abilities, you may constantly feel at a loss in how best to contribute, like you are constantly searching for how to do your work, or like you need to hide your feelings of inadequacy.

If this is you, God wants you to take a new look at how He made you. He wants you to put yourself under the microscope to see the strengths, skills, talents, characteristics, abilities He built into your very DNA and find work that enables you to use those.

The first chapter in The Christian Job Search Manual can help you do just that. However you do it, get under the microscope so you can grow in appreciation of who you are.

God of Wonder, the work I do best really is all about me, how you have made me, and the adventure you have for me.  Help me have the insight to find it.

If you would like to explore working with a career coach, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and we can discuss your situation, what you would like to achieve, and structure your job search to fit your uniqueness.

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