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Job Search Vision

Keep your eye on the goal! If you’ve ever run track, you know how important that is. It’s the same with your job search, your focus has to be the same…and what about your vision of the end result?

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Job Search Waiting

Waiting…seems like such a waste of time.  But as someone once said, “Life is what happens while you’re waiting.”  And it seems we are always waiting for something…Right now you may be waiting for that new job, or to hear how you did on an interview…what do you do while you wait?

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Job Search Focus

Do you find it challenging to stay focused for any period of time on tasks, or discussion, or even prayer? Those specialists that study human factors tell us we are constantly trying to find the balance between boredom and creativity.
Your job search may be like that. When it goes on longer than you think it should, you can lose your focus and skip doing some of the things essential to being effective. So what’s the answer?

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