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Job Search Tasks

We let schedules and other people’s agendas drive us. The media makes our decisions for us. Friends tell us we should be looking for a particular kind of job. We don’t have our own agenda. We don’t listen to our own dreams.  We don’t really know what we are about. But we don’t need to be stuck here! See how you can get unstuck…

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New Job Preparation

What’s your vision for your next job? Right now you are engaged in a job search, but that won’t always be the case. God is going to open a door and you are going to move into a new position. When that happens, what’s your vision for what you will be doing in that new job? I don’t mean your job responsibilities, the skills you will be using, or the objectives of the position. I mean how do you see God using you in that new position; what’s your vision?

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