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Market Résumé

Did you know that the Bible is a marketing resource? Much of the New Testament is God’s marketing plan. It’s intended to get His story out, so you can learn strategies from His approach that will work to get your story out as well.

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Job Search Roadmap

Most drivers who are focused on an unfamiliar destination take time to check the roadmap, whether online or an actual paper map. God provides a roadmap for you in your job search in the form of job opportunities. Are you reading yours.? Can you tell what it says and what He’s saying to you?

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Compose And Summarize Résumé

In your accomplishment stories, you’re reaching out to capture the reader’s heart and imagination. Once you’ve captured the details of your accomplishment stories, it’s time to boil them down to the few lines you’ll actually use in your résumé.

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Résumé Job Target

A job target is the specific type of position you’re applying for. If there’s more than one position you could apply for, given your background and experience, then you’ll have more than one job target…

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