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Job Search Roadmap

Most drivers who are focused on an unfamiliar destination take time to check the roadmap, whether online or an actual paper map. God provides a roadmap for you in your job search in the form of job opportunities. Are you reading yours.? Can you tell what it says and what He’s saying to you?

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Physical Job Search Aspects Part 1

The physical aspects of your job search involve taking care of your body so that it will be able to handle this stress-filled endeavor. What you eat and drink, your personal hygiene, your sleep and exercise patterns, and even your time management are all important to maintaining your health in order to conduct a rigorous job search campaign.

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Mental Job Search Aspects

The mental side of your search is just as challenging as the emotional. You need to stay sharp so you can speak knowledgeably and confidently during interviews. Yet, it’s difficult when you’re not working in your area of expertise.

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