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Job Search Roadmap

Most drivers who are focused on an unfamiliar destination take time to check the roadmap, whether online or an actual paper map. God provides a roadmap for you in your job search in the form of job opportunities. Are you reading yours.? Can you tell what it says and what He’s saying to you?

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Job Search Vision

Keep your eye on the goal! If you’ve ever run track, you know how important that is. It’s the same with your job search, your focus has to be the same…and what about your vision of the end result?

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Job Search Waiting

Waiting…seems like such a waste of time.  But as someone once said, “Life is what happens while you’re waiting.”  And it seems we are always waiting for something…Right now you may be waiting for that new job, or to hear how you did on an interview…what do you do while you wait?

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JobSearchFuture-JobSearching Coach

Job Search Future

As you are entrenched in your job search, what do you see as you look at the future? Do you see more disappointment, failure, and fatigue or do you have the attitude and faith to keep your fork? To understand, you’ll need to read this…

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Job Search Tasks

We let schedules and other people’s agendas drive us. The media makes our decisions for us. Friends tell us we should be looking for a particular kind of job. We don’t have our own agenda. We don’t listen to our own dreams.  We don’t really know what we are about. But we don’t need to be stuck here! See how you can get unstuck…

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