Job Qualifications

Why You Should Treat Your Job Qualifications As Gifts

“Then Leah said,
‘God has presented me with a precious gift.’ ”
Genesis 30:20

JobQualificationsAreGifts-JpbSearchinCoachRemember when you were a kid and got exactly the gift you had asked for on your birthday? You beamed; you showed it off to all your friends. But often it was a look-but-don’t-touch kind of sharing, because you didn’t want it to get broken.

Leah spoke of her sixth son, Zebulon, as a gift from God. Well, you are God’s gift, and your skills, abilities, experiences, and job qualifications are all His gifts to you. He shows you off to employers you work for so they can appreciate His gifts in you. You show off His gifts during your interviews when you discuss your strengths, abilities, characteristics, values, and more.

Don’t think of recounting your accomplishments and qualifications as boasting about what you have done or achieved, but rather think of it as testifying to what He has done through you as you have applied His gifts in a particular situation.

Avoid false humility…

Many people practice a false humility when they receive accolades or praise for what they’ve done. They will try to brush it aside, saying, “It was really nothing,” or “It’s not a big deal.” Whether it’s people complimenting you on a song, a project, something you built, or some other achievement, don’t negate their compliments, because in so doing, you are downplaying God’s gifts.

What you accomplish is an achievement from God

RejoiceInQualifications-JobSearchingCoachYou need to  be pleased with and rejoice in those achievements, and acknowledge that you are a part of the adventure. You don’t need to even say, “It’s wasn’t me, it was God,” because that’s not true. It was you. And it was God working in you.

Rejoice even now in the midst of your job search as you rehearse all that you are, and all that you have been a part of. That’s God in you, and there’s more to come; He’s not finished yet.

Dear Giver of Gifts, I thank You for all the strengths, skills, experiences and more You have gifted me with and for where you are taking me.

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