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How To Face The Dilemma Of An Employment Search

“Now Joseph was well-built and handsome,
and after a while his master’s wife took notice of Joseph
and said, ‘Come to bed with me!’
But he refused….
And though she spoke to Joseph day after day,
he refused to go to bed with her
or even be with her.
Genesis 39:6,7,10

EmploymentSearchDelimma-JobSearchingCoachAre you feeling down because you are facing the dilemma of an employment search?  Does it keep you awake at night, or have you discovered how you can face this dilemma with confidence?

Consider Potiphar, who also faced a dilemma. His wife had accused Joseph of sexual misconduct. What should he believe? Potiphar had lived with his wife for many years and probably knew her behaviors and her character well. Was she trustworthy? Potiphar had also lived and worked with Joseph for a few years and probably knew his behavior and his character as well. Was he trustworthy? Seems a no-brainer.

Potiphar’s dilemma…

But what should he do? That was Potiphar’s dilemma. Compelled by status, reputation, and hopes for a peaceful home he does the only thing he could do. And Joseph winds up in prison.

Joseph’s thoughts? “Oh, here we go again. Fate deals another blow. Satan seems to have won another round. Where is God?” Maybe. Where is God indeed? How does he view Joseph’s situation?

Your dilemma…

You may find yourself where Joseph was, in prison. Yes, the specific circumstances are different; his was a real cell, yours is vocational imprisonment. His was the result of a scorned woman, yours could result from many factors of your causing or not. The question is the same: Where is God? How does he view your situation?

JobSearchDilemmaHelp-JobSearchingCoachThe answer, God is not surprised. He sees you. He has not forgotten you. He has His hand on you. God may use this time for you to learn new skills you will need as He did Joseph, and He may be orchestrating situations for you to fully utilize your skills and abilities in His adventure, as He did Joseph..

For Joseph that meant the opportunity to be Prime Minister of Egypt and impact the known world at a point of crisis. For you that may mean impacting a corporation, work group, or maybe one specific individual for His good.

It turned out well for Joseph. It will for you too! He promised, “…God works all things for good…”

Dear Orchestrator of my life, I’m afraid I don’t often see Your hand at work, but help me to be faithful anyway.

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