Job Interview Story

Your Job Interview Is Your Story

“Then Agrippa said to Paul,
‘You have permission to speak for yourself.”
Acts 26:1

JobInterviewResume-JobSearchingCoachYou have a story to tell.  You may be asked to tell your story as Paul was that day. A job interview is an opportunity to tell your story. Are you be ready?

How you put your story together will determine if it’s a comedy, mystery, horror story or an adventure. God is writing your vocational adventure story, and in so doing He is weaving together the threads of your résumé.

We need Joseph’s adventure story in Genesis 39 and chapters following, and thanks to Genesis it’s easy to see God’s hand at work in writing his story. Yours may not be so apparent. While Joseph’s faith was strong, it’s very doubtful he was able to discern the story God was in the process of writing with his life until much further down the road.  Thirteen years as a slave and prisoner can make you somewhat myopic.

What will your job interview be about?

So you’re in good company when you say you can’t see the story God is writing with your life. That’s what faith is; the belief that God is at work even when you can’t see it. Joseph excelled in this land of faith. How are you coping?

Take a few minutes to go back and read Joseph’s story. Capture in your mind the painful account of the challenges he faced. Consider how his brothers hated him, threw him down a pit, and sold him into slavery. Think about the vengeful accusation of sexual misconduct when Joseph spurned Potiphar’s wife, and how that landed him in prison for up to ten years. Look at the hopes that were dashed when the cupbearer forgot all about him. Quite a story! Quite a painful adventure! But God was the author.

Who is the author of the story for your interview?

YourStoryYourResume-JobSearchingCoachYour story may not be as dramatic, but any pain, disappointment, or frustration you have experienced are just as real. In the midst of it all take heart, keep your faith strong and have a Joseph-like belief that God is at work, your story isn’t completed.

He is working on it you know…He hasn’t forgotten you…Maybe your prison doors are about to spring open also. Is it time to tell your story and share your résumé?  Be ready!

 Oh God of adventure stories, forgive my doubt and fear. Help me to trust through the dark days until release comes.

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