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The pain of losing a job is real. The pain of an on-going job search is just as real.

Researchers tell us that a job loss is one of the top 10 stressors you can face. The pain is not abnormal, it’s common. Like any pain, it needs to be managed. Like any pain, we all have different thresholds. Like any pain, we all process it differently and at different speeds.

Seeking answers…

Like with any pain, you may well ask the question, “Where is God when it hurts?” A very legitimate and honest question. Some people speak of finding deep peace in the mists of great pain. I have not experienced that. Others speak of being even more acutely aware of Christ’s presence during extreme pain. I have not experienced that either. Like you probably, I have encountered pain and wondered, Where is God? How long will this go on? Will things ever be right again?

Often, you only become aware of God’s presence after the pain has ended. You look back and realize He was there all along, but the presence of such overwhelming pain clouded His face, drowned out His words, fogged His presence.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Joseph experienced some of these same thoughts and expressed these same words where only God can hear. Part of the pain of prison is the routine, the monotony, the boredom. Joseph wanted out as hinted at in Gen. 40:14. He knew he could do more, but in the meantime he was faithful. He must have thought, “Where is God?” but he was faithful.

And the Lord blessed his faithfulness. Several times the text mentions how God blessed him. Whether Joseph saw God’s blessing or not we aren’t told. But God was there and was blessing. During his 13 years of confinement as a slave and prisoner, God was at work. In this way, you may be like Joseph. The pain of your vocational prison may keep you from seeing His work, His blessing, His presence.

But God is at work. God is blessing. God is present. Whether you see it or not doesn’t negate the fact.

You are not alone in your job search.

yourjobsearch-jobsearchingcoachYou are beloved of God and He wouldn’t abandon you to walk the job search road alone.

Where is God when it hurts? He’s right there with you. He feels the pain you feel. He treasures the tears you shed. You are not alone. Walk in the faith of His presence and work on your behalf.

Father, as you see me shrouded by my pain, forgive my doubt of Your love, Your blessing, Your presence. Help me walk this road of pain by faith.

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