Job Search Purpose

How to Find Purpose in Your Job Search

“And we know that in all things
God works for the good of those who love him, who
have been called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28

JobSearchPurpose-Job SearchingCoachIn our affluent western lifestyle, comfort is an underlying quest in life. We purchase cars that are comfortable.  Our home furnishings must be comfortable.  We must find comfort in our jobs, churches, relationships. It is a primary pursuit.

NEWS FLASH!  You may be in the business of ensuring your comfort, but God is not. Life is about more than that…If anything, He does just the opposite. He seeks to displace our comfort so we can learn and grow, understand how the other half lives, identify their true needs, and see how we can best minister with them.

Purpose in your job search…

This principle is not going to change in your job search either. God is not going to guarantee you a job where you will find comfort. In fact, some of you will be moved to leave your comfortable lifestyle and seek to work with others with much fewer advantages.

The verse says”… God works for the good…” not for comfort. Things work together for long-term benefit, not short-term enjoyment. Things work together with eternal value, not temporal value. God has eternity in mind.

  • LostJob-JobSearchingCoachWhen He reached out to you in agape love, He had eternity in mind.
  • When He allowed traumatic events to occur in your life, He had eternity in mind.
  • When He took part in your getting your last job, He had eternity in mind.
  • When He worked with you when you lost that job. and all felt lost, He had eternity in mind.
  • And now as He works to prepare you and the situation for your next place of employment, He has eternity in mind.

Are you seeing the theme here?

God is using your job search to help you learn more about Him. He is using your job search to help you catch a glimpse of how He is working. He is using your job search to develop eternal qualities in you. Have faith that through your efforts in working to develop these qualities, you will be preparing to find your new job or career.

Take comfort in the fact that He loves you that much.

God of all comfort, forgive me for pursuing primarily earthly comfort, and help me pursue eternal values and character.

If you would like to explore working with a Christian centered Career Coach, Contact me for a no-obligation consultation and we can discuss your situation, what you would like to achieve, and structure your job search to fit your uniqueness.

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