Job Seeking Questions

Important Job Seeking Questions You Should Ask Yourself

“Do not think of yourself
more highly than you ought,
but rather think of yourself with sober judgment.”
Rom. 12:3

QuestionsToKnowYourself-JobSearchingCoachIf you’re like most job seekers, sooner or later, you face the questions, “Am I really qualified?” or, “Are my skill sets in a totally different arena?” or “Do I even have a chance for this position?”

All excellent questions when you are trying to get at who you are and what you do well, and how you measure up to what certain positions require. You are examining how God has made you, how He has prepared you, and the experiences He has given you.

Are you prepared for an effective job search?

This is crucial and is one of the first keys to an effective job search; knowing yourself, what you have to offer, and your level of expertise. If you are going to represent yourself well on your résumé and cover letter, and during interviews you must know yourself.

You may be thinking, “Is it really that crucial? I know myself pretty well, and I’m not sure I can afford the time to get to know myself at that level!”

What are the tools you come equipped with?

To consider that, let’s think about capabilities. You, just like everyone else, can do some things exceptionally well, while there are other things you just can’t do as well. You might be able to improve on what you don’t do as well, but you just aren’t built to do some things, and it would take time, effort, and guidance.

JobTools-JobSearchingCoachIt’s like comparing tools. Specific tools are designed for specific uses and the application to particular tasks. You wouldn’t pull down your sledge hammer to fix your computer (although you may be tempted at times to apply it in that manner).

There are a couple of other reasons why this is so important that have to do with two behaviors we often practice in a job search:

  • Second guessing; when you fail to receive an offer you feel you should have received you may spend a great deal of time second-guessing your interview responses, behavior, and strategy. While it’s wise to examine interviews to see how you could improve, second-guessing is really a way of saying that you control the outcome. You don’t, don’t try to rob God of that.
  • Evaluating direction; when you find you aren’t making headway in your search, it may be time to consider who you are, how you’re designed, and the skills you have and how these can be applied in a new way.

So, how well do you really understand yourself?  Can you represent yourself well? Are you looking for the right kind of jobs? He has made you well, honor that!

Master Designer, you have designed me for your purpose and to reflect you.  Help me to see who I am to be able to admire that design.

If you would like to explore working with a career coach, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and we can discuss your situation, what you would like to achieve, and structure your job search to fit your uniqueness.

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