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“Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction
and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.”
Proverbs 1:8

ParentsCareerDecisionResource-JobSearchingCoachYou may have parents you count as some of your best friends, or you may have parents you haven’t spoken to in years.  The state of your relationship is immaterial.

God wants to use your parents in your life, and you in theirs, so both may grow up in Him.

The link established at birth between parents and children never dies. It may be sullied through emotional conflicts, the impact of drugs, changes to the brain from disease or accident or other causes, but it’s still there.

The importance of the bond between you and your parents…

This is one of the strongest relational connections known to man, and the Bible speaks strongly about nurturing it.  Consider these sample verses:

  • Proverbs 22:6 talks of the value of a parent’s upbringing as the child grows older.
  • Ephesians 6:1-4 promises positive results when you obey and listen to your parents.
  • Exodus 20:12 promises a long life from honoring your parents.
  • Luke 11:11-13 compares the relationship with parents to relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • Leviticus 20:9 commands harsh discipline for anyone cursing their parents.

Value your parent’s input…

ParentCareerInput-JobSearchingCoachBecause of this relationship, you are wise to ask your parents for their input on career decisions. Whether you end up heeding their advice or not, the fact that you asked will contribute to the solidarity of the relationship.

The value parents bring to the table in most cases is that they not only know you well, they also want the best for you and may see capabilities you are not even aware of.  They may not know anything about your field, but knowing both your strengths and weaknesses, when given a description of the job, they will have insight on how it suits you.

Have you talked to your parents? Tap the wisdom of they offer, or your parent substitutes. You may be surprised what you hear.

Dear Father, thanks for adopting and loving me as Father. Help me to listen to and learn from my earthly parents.

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