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You’re Not Alone As You Search For Your Next Job

“How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever? 
How long will you hide your face from me.”
Psalms 13:1

AloneInJobSearch-JobSearchingCoachThere are some things in life that by their very nature germinate feelings that you are alone.  When you are ditched in a relationship in high school. When a baby dies in childbirth. When you lose your job. Those are alone times.

Joseph must have felt alone too. He has been herded off to Egypt after being sold into slavery by his brothers. These 20 or so days of travel must have germinated these same alone feelings. Where was his father, his brothers (even if they did hate him), those smelly sheep, even his God? Where were they all as he sorted through this totally unexpected experience?

Is yours a lonely job search?

As you trudge down the road in pursuit of your next job, you will probably have some of those same feelings. As you sit at home working on job search assignments, you may wonder, “Where’s my spouse in this, where are the kids, where are my former co-workers, where’s God?”  It’s a lonesome place.

Who can you count on?

And just as Joseph discovered in his journey, the one he could count on was there all along. God is there and He’s working on your behalf. He’s orchestrating peoples circumstances, even your own development, during that lonesome time so you are right where He wants you to be when He wants to make it happen.

JobSearchStarsAligned-JobSearchingCoachIt wasn’t that the stars lined up perfectly, Pharaoh had a brainstorm, and the prison that encapsulated Joseph crumbled. That’s not what opened Joseph’s prison door and propelled him to the position of Egyptian Prime Minister. Not at all! It was God moving the pieces behind the scenes.

God did it for Joseph and he’ll do it for you. He is working on your behalf. But you don’t just get to sit and wait for it to happen…You do what Joseph did; you be faithful to yourself in doing what you can as only you can, and you be faithful to God and believe, even when there is nothing to support that belief except the word of God Himself.

God will line up your stars just right also.

Friend that’s closer than a brother, there are times when I feel I am in this all alone.  Help me see these times more as You are there.

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