Technical Job Search Aspects

This is a series of  6 articles about the different aspects of your job search…

Aspect #2: Technical Aspects of Your Job Search

TechnicalJobSearchAspect-JobSearchingCoachThe technical aspects of your job search are all about the details. These are the activities necessary to make your search effective and efficient.

A job search is much like a three-legged stool. Each leg on that stool represents one major technical area of your search.

How the parts work together.

The seat, or assessments, is the basis for all aspects of your search. This provides insight into what you have to work with. Each of the three legs is dependent on your assessment results.

The three legs are the primary necessities of your search, and include your résumé, marketing techniques to find employment opportunities, and interviewing strategies.

Just like a three-legged stool, if one of these three legs is not as strong as the others, then your job search effectiveness will break down and ultimately collapse. You need all three equally strong to move ahead successfully.

Will your search be successful?

SuccessfulJobInterview-JobSearchingCoachThe technical details will make or break your search. If you apply yourself and what you learn, you’ll move ahead effectively, with success. If you decide not to use what you learn, it may take you much longer and be much more difficult to find a job.

Are you ready to tackle the technical work that’s necessary or conduct an effective and efficient job search? Are you ready to try things you’ve never tried before to see how they’ll work for you? Are you ready to allow God to work through even the technical aspects of your search to guide you down a new road?

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