Emotional Job Search Aspects

This is a series of  6 articles about the different aspects of your job search…

Aspect #3: Emotional Aspects of Your Job Search

EmotionalAspectJobSearch-JobSearchingCoachDealing with the loss of a job, or the decision to make a job change, is an emotionally challenging and draining time. It’s one of the most significant stressors you’ll face. So when you are emotionally spent, don’t be surprised.

As you deal with your emotions, remember that emotions are short-lived. In fact, Martin Luther commented on this very thing when he was asked if he felt forgiven. He replied, “No! But I’m as sure as there’s a God in Heaven. For feelings come and feelings go, and feelings are deceiving; my warrant is the Word of God, naught else is worth believing.”

The emotions you experience during this time aren’t yours alone. You also influence the emotions of the significant people in your life. The difficulty of that for them is they’re on the sidelines.

Whether it’s your spouse, children, or others important to you, the added stress for them is that they can only watch as you deal with the issues. They can try to encourage and support you, but they can’t actively engage in your search.

One of the best things you can do for these significant others is to share with them exactly what you’re learning and how you’re moving forward in your search of new opportunities.

Keeping your attitude positive…

PositiveJobSearchAttitude-JobSearchingCoachAs you’re able to keep a positive attitude, move forward with enthusiasm, and develop a can-do approach; it will help them do the same. They can then be your cheerleaders, rather than trying to console you in your struggles or encourage you in your depression.

You may spend less time with some people because they’re not encouragers. This doesn’t mean you can’t be friends; you just spend less time with them because they’re more of a drain on your emotional resources than they are encouraging you in moving forward.

JobSearchingSupportGroups-JobSearchingCoachInstead, spend more time with people who face the same challenges. Church groups for the unemployed, social service agencies like the YMCA/YWCA, WorkSource, and local job networking groups all meet for sharing job search resources and encouragement. Do an Internet search for job networking groups in your area, and you may be surprised how many there are.

Controlling your emotions…

Jerry Bridges of the Navigators missionary organization, emphasizes this same thing when he says:

We must not allow our emotions to hold sway over  our minds. Rather, we must seek to let the truth of God rule our minds. Our emotions  must become subservient to the truth.”

Don’t allow your emotions to rule your search. Make plans and follow them. Decide what you need to do, and do it. Make a commitment and keep it. As Brian Koslow put it,

To increase your effectiveness, make your emotions subordinate to your commitments.”

Above all, know that God is at work and He’s not finished. Believe that with your whole heart and emotions.

ConsideringJobSearch-JobSearachingCoachAre you making emotional or knowledgeable decisions? Are you conducting your search with the belief that God is in control, and that He’s acting on your behalf, or are you trying to do it all yourself? Are you helping the significant people around you deal with the emotions they face from your unemployment?

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